Would you still love me?

By Vageesha Mishra “Would you still love as much as you do now when I lose my youth?” she asked, staring up at him. He stared down at her and without once blinking, said, “If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be able to love myself ever again.” **** Picture – freshmorningquotes

I belong

By Vageesha Mishra Stars shone brightly illuminating the sky, moon smiled gently warming her heart, breeze crooned sweetly a comforting melody, bringing her an unfamiliar bliss. “You shouldn’t be alone on the terrace at night,” said her friend. “Oh! But I’ve never felt more welcomed.” By twinklingwords Picture – sourced from Pinterest

Who’s there?

By Vageesha Mishra She had been the determined kind who chased after perfection with euphoria coursing through her at the sight of challenges. Nothing could beat her spirit of independence until the day loneliness decided to pay her a visit. By twinklingwords Picture – Wallpaperscraft


By Vageesha Mishra “Every since you’ve walked into my life, you’ve been trying to knock down the wall I created around myself. Well you’ve won. I on the other hand have no idea who I am anymore,” she cried. “You’re mine,” he replied softly.

High spirit

It was a very hot day. A lot of work needed her attention and a pounding too had started to build in her head. “I’m so tired,” Tracie sulked just when some drops of rain fell onto the roof followed by many more and suddenly everything was right! By twinklingwords Picture – Pixabay

Come along

“What would you do if I leave you this very instant?” She asked playfully. “I’ll come along,” was his response. By twinklingwords Picture – sourced from Google.


Tess raced up the treacherous hill clutching her sword, Marcus followed behind to end her life leaving no room for respite. A ghastly scream filled her surroundings. Panting, she turned around to find him flat on the ground, lifeless. Her joy lasted only a second as her next step took her beyond the edge of … More Falling


In that moment of faint tenderness, Ezma was a little too tempted to break free of her walls, to bare her soul to them, to share her fears, her problems, her aspirations, her deepest darkest secrets even though they would render her vulnerable…So she did what seemed the best. “Oh, I’m fine,” Ezma said, plastering … More Composure

Giving in

  “I’m not giving in again,” she sighed, throwing a piercing gaze at the object that was weakening her resolve. Her eyes burned as she took her time studying the perfection that was in front of her. “That’s it!” she said, slightly breathless before digging her fork into the oozing piece of a generously prepared … More Giving in