Escaping him

By Vageesha Mishra “It’s time.” Avery hurried down the arched hall, struggling to match the soundless steps of the lanky man in her floor sweeping cloak. After months of waiting, the day had finally arrived when she was fleeing from this confinement. Away from Shenoah, their impending marriage and the inevitable pain it would bring. … More Escaping him

“Nah bro, they are forcing us to prove our patriotism”

By Vageesha Mishra Disclaimer 1. Before heading to the comment section please read this article thoroughly. I had spam some because it seemed like their only aim was to lash out at me without reading a word I wrote. 2. At no point in this article or otherwise am I calling the people who do … More “Nah bro, they are forcing us to prove our patriotism”

Wish that can’t come true

By Vageesha Mishra Restless disposition, Mind replicating chaos, A wish that can’t come true, Stuck in every thought, Calling all shots. A bewitched man, Is what it has rendered you, Drowning in the mess of your own desires. **** Text, Picture – By twinklingwords