I belong

By Vageesha Mishra

Stars shone brightly illuminating the sky, moon smiled gently warming her heart, breeze crooned sweetly a comforting melody, bringing her an unfamiliar bliss.
“You shouldn’t be alone on the terrace at night,” said her friend.

“Oh! But I’ve never felt more welcomed.”

By twinklingwords

Picture – sourced from Pinterest

14 thoughts on “I belong

  1. “Oh! But I’ve never felt more welcomed.”
    This line took the entire credit of this beautifull and a little witty post.I just want to steal your tagline.Yesterday suddenly I remembered this line and I was deliberately searching for where I read it.But I remembered

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    1. Hey thank you so much! But that’s true, I find nature way more honest and welcoming than most people!
      Haha thank you! I fell in love with it the moment I saw Ryan Gosling’s dreamy demeanor while he sung those lines in one of the promos of the film!

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      1. Welcome vageesha!You cannot imagine even.the fact that you can get to learn and write about any topic anywhere.Thats so random.Anyways wrote something hope you like

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  2. I miss my childhood. There was a lot less pollution then and the sky was clear at night. I used to lie down on the terrace and look blankly into the night sky for hours.. It kind of felt so familiar yet intriguing.. It was amazing..

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  3. Maybe stars are not who we are talking to. Maybe it’s all the people looking at them who are talking to each other mentally… Or maybe its like looking up at the mothership and remembering that it put us here lifetimes ago… 😉

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