In that moment of faint tenderness, Ezma was a little too tempted to break free of her walls, to bare her soul to them, to share her fears, her problems, her aspirations, her deepest darkest secrets even though they would render her vulnerable…So she did what seemed the best. “Oh, I’m fine,” Ezma said, plastering a smile that had everyone fooled again.

~ twinklingwords

Picture – Pixabay/goodinteractive


19 thoughts on “Composure

      1. I never meant that way.for a second I thought I sent a wrong comment and you would spam mine.☺I don’t know if I like sentimental writing but I like yours.And I don’t mind if you think I’m flattering you.bcos I know I do that.☺

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hey, hey, it’s all cool dear Jeni! No worries!
        I give out compliments when I like something but people sometimes mistake it for flattering, that’s why I used the word to explain myself.
        And no, you are spending your valuable time in reading my posts and leaving contributing comments, so it’s not a sign of flattering but having a kind heart that encourages people around❤
        Hope we got that out of the way?! We cool?!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Don’t think so much because that’s the best part about here, this is one place you can open your heart and noone will judge you.
        We are all writers, we survive on feelings and emotions. So most of us value them.
        So n
        Nice to meet you too here, happy blogging. Good night!

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