Wish that can’t come true

By Vageesha Mishra Restless disposition, Mind replicating chaos, A wish that can’t come true, Stuck in every thought, Calling all shots. A bewitched man, Is what it has rendered you, Drowning in the mess of your own desires. **** Text, Picture – By twinklingwords

What do you see?

By Vageesha Mishra Wake up! Look outside your window, What do you see? A cloak of greens? An artist’s finest work up in the sky? A city bustling with life? A world hustling to be somewhere? A landscape covered in filth? No place to be? Liars, backstabbers, cheaters? Wearing invisible masks? Homeless begging for survival? … More What do you see?

Let it be

By Vageesha Mishra “What do you seek my child?” asked the ocean. “Answers,” she replied. “Then why have you come here?” “They say you hold so many secrets and sit on a bed of wisdom.” “Oh, but how can I child? I’m just an ocean.” “No you’re not. You are so much more.” “How can … More Let it be

I belong

By Vageesha Mishra Stars shone brightly illuminating the sky, moon smiled gently warming her heart, breeze crooned sweetly a comforting melody, bringing her an unfamiliar bliss. “You shouldn’t be alone on the terrace at night,” said her friend. “Oh! But I’ve never felt more welcomed.” By twinklingwords Picture – sourced from Pinterest

An affair with nature

  ‘Smooth moist road beckoned her, its pine arms hissed her name, milky sky stared at her through hooded eyes, the aroma of damp earth tantalized her senses as cool breeze tickled her pale skin,’ that’s it I’m going on a vacation, Aly cried, putting down the photo album. by twinklingwords *** (picture by Sara … More An affair with nature