Where are you?

By Vageesha Mishra As days pass by amid cracked paths and searing winds, I can’t help wonder if you know how it feels to be in love with someone you’ve never met. Look out the window, the bounty of nature has opened its arms wide again, Showering beads of joy and respite. Rain soaked, arms … More Where are you?

One dance

By Vageesha Mishra “I’m going to stay single if I continued to work so hard,” Marv complained. Somewhere in the background a catchy tune constantly played. He went about his apartment to inspect but to no avail. So he got back to slogging. “Designing upscale projects is exhausting,” he muttered to himself tapping his foot. … More One dance

Come along

“What would you do if I leave you this very instant?” She asked playfully. “I’ll come along,” was his response. By twinklingwords Picture – sourced from Google.