What do you see?

Wake up!

Look outside your window, 

What do you see?
A cloak of greens?

An artist’s finest work up in the sky?
A city bustling with life?

A world hustling to be somewhere?
A landscape covered in filth?

No place to be?
Liars, backstabbers, cheaters?

Wearing invisible masks?
Homeless begging for survival?

Starving dogs wagging their tails at the sight of food?
Perpetrators wreaking havoc?
A little girl?

Throwing bread crumbs at hungry dogs,

And then dancing with joy when they devour.

Her eyes gleaming with hope

That this world hasn’t yet robbed her of.
A woman making her way to work?

Walking tall in crisp clothes,

Despite crying herself to sleep last night.

For she is not letting anyone take this away from her,

Her right to be happy and content.
A man opening the door to an enormous bakery?

That was once smaller than his means,

But not his dreams.
A mother trying to make her toddler eat?

A man waving goodbye to his wife?

A group of chirping birds among rustling leaving?
An elderly giving away free food to those deprived?

And basking in happiness when their faces break into a grateful smile.

Men in uniform rushing to take charge of the day?

Hearts free of guilt with honesty being their oldest companion.

A teacher balancing books in her hands?

Favourable weapons to mould impressionable minds.
So what do you see?

A world going up in flames?

Has your hope left its home?

Or have you learnt to invest it wise too?


Text –  twinklingwords

Picture – twinklingwords


16 thoughts on “What do you see?

  1. We all think in a different way and we all have a different perspective about everything. How great is that? everything happening might be same but no one will see them in a same perspective!! Loved the way you expressed!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Words were amazing, but the picture is amazingerrrrr……
    How come I didn’t see it.
    But seriously, that’s a deep poem. It says so much, without saying much.
    The reality, the dreams.
    Welcome Back!!! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€


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