Where are you?



As days pass by amid cracked paths and searing winds,

I can’t help wonder if you know how it feels to be in love with someone you’ve never met.

Look out the window, the bounty of nature has opened its arms wide again,

Showering beads of joy and respite.

Rain soaked, arms locked, heads tilted, goofy smiles,

Can you see those lovers like I can?

Does it not make you think of me or is it just me burning in your love all alone, wondering where you are?


As fall descend upon us, my mind muses over many who came to confess their love.

You’re so kind and gentle they said,

Why don’t you love me? they asked.

Yet no one hardly ever bothered to look beyond this smiling face and eyes.

For if they had, they’d known that a stormy and placid sea lied behind,

Above a bed of memories, shells of dreams, gems of virtues, rocks of hardships, greens of merriment and springs of piercing pain.

How can they love me when they don’t even want to know me?
I tried to look for you in each one of them but came back empty handed,

For our minds and hearts were poles apart. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a person so similar to you that even your eyes could converse?

And I’m not even asking you to save me but every time when I sobbed in the dead of the night, I couldn’t help wonder how it’d have felt if you had been sitting beside me, quietly asking, “are you alright?”

Even when my heart danced with happiness, it wondered how it’d feel to see the reflections of my joy gleaming in eyes and vice versa.

My heart, silly little naive thing, for yearning your company in ups and downs as much,
Can’t seem to get over your love as it constantly hopes that you’d show up one day.

But how will you when you aren’t even looking, are you now?

Can you hear me?


Music engulfs me in its warmth while I shiver through a freezing road dodging ugly jokes by people playing in my mind.

“You’re going to be this way all your life!” they say while they wail in guilt for letting several trample on their heart over and over again for a love that didn’t even turn their life around.

If this the love they talk of, I’d rather be this way. At least I have my dignity and peace of mind.


But as another year heads for a wrap, I can’t help wonder if you’re a fragment of my imagination even though this feels more than real making me yet again wonder where you are?

By Twinklingwords


Picture – StockSnap.io


97 thoughts on “Where are you?

  1. You could be writing about my present situation and I so hoped this was my love and I had found her reaching out for me… sadly not. Funny how you think your own situation is unique.

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      1. Short lived? Hahaha Jolene, that’s not very encouraging😂😂
        Anyway, my life has always been too occupied to spare me any energy for love but even though I’m not running after it or looking for it, there is a void, a very inexplicable emotion. That is what I tried to explain through this post!
        Anyway, I very much enjoyed your comments😄 thank you. Hope you too find something that’s missing in your life.

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  2. WoW!! So beautifully crafted feelings into words,love reading it & i hope it isn’t an extract from real experience 😜
    I still remember the short & crisp Jammu blog with lovely pics,the cow threat experience & poetry on wonderful clicks and then this…you’re doing lovely work and certainly a brilliant versatile writer👌👍Keep writing & have a great weekend ahead😊

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    1. Thank you so much 😄 let’s leave that as fiction!
      I’m glad you found it beautiful and my blog versatile because not everyone acknowledges your efforts and certainly not compliments you, so if someone is doing that, then it is a rare quality, so thank you so much once again for such kind words 😄😄. Means a lot!
      I do hope my work keeps you engaged emotionally and intellectually in future too.
      Have a great weekend ahead, you too 😄😄


  3. So beautiful Twinklingwords, I can feel each single word in my being, you are such an amazing writer dear Twinklingwords. May you keep on writing for centuries ❤ I can relate to this quite some, I have been in relationships and still felt that huge void inside my heart. I used to believe I had a soulmate here somewhere but I am not so sure anymore. I am growing to the idea that this void is there and learning how to accommodate it. They say love find you. I certainly wish the universe conspires to bring you exactly what your heart desire most ❤

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    1. Hey, Belle, how are you?😄
      Thank you, thank you and thank you for your kind words again, especially for being a constant reader and supporter here. Means so much!
      It honestly makes me sad to realise that a kind person like you couldn’t find the one she thought existed somewhere, seriously what’s wrong with this world? 😭😭
      Thank you so much for your wishes, God, it made my heart so happy. You’re trying to accommodate yourself with a very mature idea (which is commendable.)
      I certainly wish the same for you dear Belle and hope you get it soon😄

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      1. You are most welcome Twinklingwords, I am very much enjoying your most beautiful blog and its versatile nature ❤ It made me sad to realise that you are experiencing the same, you too are a most lovely soul. Thank you so much for your most lovely wishes dear Twinklingwords ❤

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      1. That means a lot, Abhishek and I had no idea you related to my post. Wow, that’s so great🙌😁
        I’m also glad to have you in my WP family for there is so much to learn from you and the way you encourage people is so nice😄

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    1. Eeh! Such nice words, wow! I mean Wordsworth? Can you be anymore kind, Shaggy?!
      Thank you soooo much 😭😄😁
      Thank you for appreciating the romantic side, I mean, I was mocked for having it once😏 people I tell you!
      Anyway, waiting to read more of your posts! Write soon!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha oh well……. Dude!!
        You’re are most welcome!!! Kabhi aana chai peene…….
        Oho!!! Tsk tsk…… Yea I can understand…… People……
        Omg!!! Really??? I am sooooo happy reading this……..
        Will write soon, busy with exams right now!!!!

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    1. Thanks so much, Rak, I’m not very sure I will do it because a, now it will be very difficult to nominate people for me and hence I’ll have to link so many😂 and b, 2016 was a bad year for me so it’s all going to be dark and dark in this tag!

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      1. Oh it’s okay. If 2016 was bad then I’m sure your gonna have a great year this time because it usually happens that before something good something bad should happen. That’s life…
        Wishing you a great year and a lot of love and support for your work..

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you so much dear. This is so sweet, I really need good wishes. Thank you for the positivity, so so much. They were really motivating and kind thoughts and lovely wishes❤😄😄
        Love and support to you too dear😄

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  4. बहुत सुंदर पंक्तियाँ लिखी है आपने, किसी अपने की तलाश में भावनाओ का सागर जिस उफान पर होता उसे केवल वो व्यक्ति ही समझ सकता है जो उन भावनाओ को जिया हो। भावनाये तो किसी भी स्वरुप, समय या साधन से बंधी नहीं है, वो कभी भी कही भी और किसी से जुड़ जाती है चाहे वो यथार्थ हो या हमारी कल्पना। Where are You- very nice post

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Unfortunately I am running short of time otherwise I would have loved to reflect back on all your posts.Each post of yours is worth a read.All of us express our thoughts and mundane life experiences however you have a particular style and tone of writing that is just like those typical authors whose work I used to read in my school time as a part of my ISC short stories course!I would love to take tutions from you to improve my language and arouse creativity in my half rusted mind…lol

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh my God! You have rendered me speechless, friend. Umm, first of, thank you so very much for showering me with such kind and beautiful words😊😊 the writer in me is doing a little joy dance😂
        Now as far as your lessons are concerned, are you serious?! Your mind isn’t half rusted, it’s a spring of intellectual and thought provoking ideas. Also language! I don’t think you need any lesson in it anymore, least of all from me😂 thanks for the honour though!
        Have a nice day, looking forward to your posts 😃 happy writing!🙌

        Liked by 1 person

      3. V! I guess now I know where you got those civils vibes from! Anyway. I do hope you successfully untangle those and be back here. Also, I’m Vageesha by the way😄 may I know your name if you don’t mind. Take Care you too😄

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  5. I’m not even asking you to save me but every time when I sobbed in the dead of the night, I couldn’t help wonder how it’d have felt if you had been sitting beside me, quietly asking, “are you alright?”
    Exactly not what I wonder these days ( I wish people dead, you remember? ) but yes, it felt like a past memory.
    P.S. – you write really good!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Believe me this is only from around last year and I realised I shouldn’t have wished for any of that because in the end, you’re way more lonely than you were possibly in the beginning.
      I understand about the past memory. Yes I remember that part, obviously with such strong feelings, seeking comfort in such a person is equivalent to walking into a wildly burning forest.
      Thank you for your kind words😊

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