Leaves (My photography)


There is something very deep about leaves that often leaves me enchanted. They make things beautiful irrespective of the state they are in. 


Whether they are reflecting the warmth of the sun,


Or holding little pearls of rain,


Whether they are blanketing the path in all their glory,


Or standing out from a crowd,




Their beauty and constant presence always keep me company.

I find it hard to ignore them and my hearts fills with a different kind of assurance and calmness when I look at them.

Perhaps, they make me realise the true meaning of forever!


Pictures – Twinklingwords

Text – Twinklingwords




119 thoughts on “Leaves (My photography)

  1. This is breathtaking! There is definitely something about leaves that is quite therapeutic and romantic. I went on a bush walk once and met one of my favourite leaves which I then took home and had it preserved 😊
    And I’m sorry I actually don’t know your name yet?

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    1. Oh that’s great to know, I’m sure the leaves will pay back in some form for your generosity. You’re so right, there sure is something romantic and therapeutic about them (that can only be felt!)
      Thank you so so much.
      I’m Vageesha😄
      (I hope you won’t mind but I prefer my blog name here, dear Jolene☺)

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      1. Haha.. Don’t you have any complaints with your neighbours or old people who bugs about study in childhood, beauty in teens, marriage in twenties, settlement in near thirties? (Ignore if you are above or below that age) just a spontaneous query 🤐😋

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      2. Yeah you know not just neighbours. I would also add relatives and some friends to that list😑😭 So annoying. These days my problem is the boys who stay on the floor above us. They don’t sleep at night, play music and make too much noise. And the entire night they’re moving around on the floor, probably wearing rock slippers😑😑😂😂

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    1. Thank you so much. Yeah I know what you mean by hardwork and efforts part, even the 5th one required some work before finally being captured in my phone. Thank you for appreciating my work. Means a lot😄😄


  2. This post has filled my heart with joy <3. Your love for leaves is pouring so gracefully and beautifully out from this post. Your photographs are beautiful and your words like music to my ears. I love leaves too, they fascinate me too, their beauty never seem to end no matter what stage they are at.

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      1. I swear Belle, the last time I checked this comment of yours, it only contained the first line 😱😱 it’s a good thing I stalk myself on social media otherwise I would have missed it😂😂
        I know right? Leaves are indeed magical I think and definitely soothing. Thank you once again for appreciating the tone of the post just the way I intended it to be conveyed❤😄🙌


    1. Thank you🙌😁 Subha subha tareef dekh kar dil khush hojata hai😂 and camera kahan! I take pictures from my phone. But definitely want to buy a camera someday! Tell me about it when you buy because it helps me to get an idea which one is best types😄


  3. I always had a new experience whenever came to see your blog,this is fabulous post and i want to share a caption for this beautiful post that strikes on my mind ” The pics that speaks”
    Beautiful work done and have a great week ahead☺👌📝📷

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      1. Honestly they are amazing , and shows your deep love for nature too 😀 PS: I was reading the other comments here ( pardon my intrusion) , but I found yet another blogger asking your name😂kitna mystery banaya hai tumne😂😂

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      2. 😄😄 Thanks so much!
        Hahahaha! Ab mystery nai bachi, AR, kam se 10 longo ne puch liya hai, mere hi comments me hai kayi baar hai😂😂 funniest thing is, I’m asking people not to take my name or use anything else they please, you use V, another friend uses Sha. Imagine if someone was trying to put them together😂😂😂😂

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      3. 😂😂😂😂😂your last sentence 😂😂gazab mystery hai , do make a blogpost on this one day ” The curious case of V” ya maybe something more intriguing 😂

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  4. Tell me you’ve clicked them all by yourself and you’ll get a new admirer…….
    Man, Wow. The Rose leaf…… That’s soooooo beautiful(damn! Should’ve written that in caps) …..

    So you can write, you can click photos…… Man…..

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    1. Haha! Yep I’m going 😁😁😁😁 while reading your comment. Yes, I have clicked them all🙌🙌 thank you so very much. I’m sure you know how it feels when someone appreciates your work with kindness cuz this feels the same!😁😄


    1. Hey, thank you so much, it made me so emotional that it reminded you of your homeland❤
      I once had a friend from your land, I used to ask her about the place and the architecture. Now I have your blog to help me with this information! Thank you😄

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    1. You know I told you I’ll head to your page soon that day and the same day I fell weirdly sick! Took me three days to get better. Phew lol. Catch up ki cheeze aur badh gayi😂( I hope you understand Hindi!)
      And thanks a ton, Jay. Made me so happy.


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