Happy New Year friends!

Hey guys, wish you a very Happy and blessed New Year😄😄 
It means a lot to me to have gotten a chance to connect with each one of you.

Many a times, your work and even the interactions I’ve had with you has made me think, wonder and learn new things. They made me happy and very motivated. And sometimes provoked some thoughts out of me too!

So today, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for everything❤ 

Of many things I learnt in 2016, one was not to be too critical of oneself. You are your best critique they say, but what they miss out is that you could be your worst critique too. It ruins you in ways I can’t even describe. So this year, I would try to be kind to myself.
I wish this year we give ourselves the same kindness, we give out to others because we can only take care of others if we are well ourselves.

On that resolution note, Happy New Year again❤🎈😄😁



46 thoughts on “Happy New Year friends!

  1. Thank you to you also, I am so happy we met through our blogs ❤ What a wonderful post to start this year 2017 too ❤ Indeed, may our inner critic be a little kinder this coming year. I wish you all the very best for 2017 an the many more years to come ❤

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    1. Same here Belle😄 I have honestly learnt a lot from yours and it has made me very happy! Yes my inner critic needs to shut up for once😭 it’s a process, not an easy one.
      Thank you for your encouraging words. Wish you a very Happy and joyful, successful New Year 2017 and more to come❤

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    1. Thank you, wish you the same. I’m glad I found it, it’s full of amazing reads.
      Also, finally someone recognized where that is from! Haha it has made me so happy.
      Yes, of course, I’m in love all over again❤ it was such a magical film❤
      And I listen to Gosling’s City of stars almost everyday.
      How about you, you like the film?

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      1. I’m glad that I mentioned it then! 🙂
        Musicals are generally not my cup of tea (although watching movies in general is one of my all-time passions and I like to review them too), but I have found snippets of the film to be extremely romantic and light-hearted (only those snippets which I have been able to find on YouTube, as I am yet to watch it in full). That would be one of my favourite lines too! I didn’t realise Gosling could sing!!

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      2. Haha not only sing Jolene, killing at it too. I was surprised myself but then I came across an article that said he has lent his voice many times before! Is there anything he can’t do, right?🙌😀
        Yeah I’m not into musicals either even though I love watching movies, but I’m so glad I went for this one. You should too check it out. It’s going to make you laugh, sigh, cry, long and most of all “Dream!” In my opinion, artisits from all field should watch it. (Rest I’ll love to hear from you, when you’ve seen it!)
        It’s good to hear you review movies, may be next time I’ll ask you first before buying a ticket if I’m confused😀

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      3. I see, you are a serious Gosling fan! I’m not sure how much a movie ticket is in India, but it is getting pricey here in Australia, so yes I definitely take recommendations 😜

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