I’ve been betrayed

What?” She asked furiously.

Yes, I don’t love you anymore,” He responded, avoiding her eyes.

She thought her heart was shattering into a million pieces and he didn’t even care to look at her?
Look at me.”
He merely smirked and didn’t comply.
Have some spirit, I’m not the last guy on this planet.”
Her heart was sinking painfully when something struck her.
Look at me.”
He didn’t.
Well atleast you should have the guts to look into my eyes while saying all this,” she challanged, smiling sweetly.
That made him concede at last.
They stared at each other for a while until she spoke again.
You’re lying.
What makes you think so?” He asked.

Because your eyes are afraid that I would see through your lie but secretly, they are rooting for it too.”
He spoke nothing as he walked towards her, finally ridding himself of that nonchalant expression as it turned furious and intense.
I knew I was ruined. But today I was betrayed too,” He spoke silently.
By whom?

By my own eyes.”

Picture – It’s a still from 2013 film Romeo & Juliet.


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