Love that’s not real

By Vageesha Mishra

My heart throbs loudly when I think of you, for you’re everything I long to fall for.

It’s not your impeccable looks that has captured my heart, it’s the depth of your soul and humanity of your heart.

I have somehow seen reflections of myself in you sans my flaws.

It’s so beautiful and astonishing for it feels like you were made only to torment my heart.

It hurts me when your dark eyes and generous smile flash before my eyes.

It hurts when your fierceness call out to mine.

It hurts to feel an aching happiness at your gentleness.

It hurts that you don’t love me because you can’t.

Yes you can’t for you aren’t real.

You only exist in the pages of my favourite book, my dear fictional love.


PS – this one is for the people who have felt or still feel something for a fictional character! Yep pretty much like falling for the wrong person!

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