Things that make me realise I’m growing up!

I try to keep a progressive approach towards life which has a lot of times required me to forego my inner child to keep things going in a harmonious and fulfilling way.

Embracing maturity isn’t easy, rather far from it. But after a while it becomes more of a necessity than a luxury.

It’s an ongoing process but I’m content there are some ways I know I’m growing up! Here’s how I know. Take a look and rejoice if you find yourself there too!

Thinking before speaking

Life puts us in different situations. Sooner or later, we would find ourselves in once where we’d want to say a thousand things to a person, whose probably done you wrong but that would only make it worse.

For instance, not watching our words while dealing with seniors, co-workers, bosses, teachers and society in general can land us in serious trouble, often enough to jeopardize our career, relationships and other stuff that’s important to us.

Learning to differentiate between who actually cares about us and who’s merely pretending 

Many people might act as though you mean the world to them but it would be quite otherwise. Although all of us have probably considered it true at some point of time! Why? Because they were sweet to talk to? Cool to hangout with? Texted 24 *7?  But come the chance where the genuineness of their affection is put to test and they bail!

We are often so engrossed in dedicating our time in the wrong place that we become oblivious to people who actually care about us like our family. But it’s not always so rosy around families, in fact, it’s testing. They shake you, break you, tease you, criticise you, bother you, only to make a better and happier you. Our maturity lies in understanding that they’re the ones who wouldn’t think twice before jumping anywhere to save us even if they go harsh on us sometimes.

How you react

One of the most dominant ideology of Sociology as a discipline is not what you say but how you say it. Apart from watching your words, you need to see that mannerism of delivering them is in sync with the words.

Accepting of change

I’m one of those who doesn’t take change very kindly. I have tried to fight it in the past. Safe to say, it only made me more miserable. But mistakes help you grow. Soon enough I realised that it’s futile to fight it. I now try to be more accepting of it. It’s difficult, very difficult but I’m trying.

Not expecting anything from people

I learnt this one after a heartbreak. I still consider it as one of the most important lessons in life. If you don’t expect anything from people and even better, don’t get attached to them, you’d probably have a lot lesser chances of meeting disappointment.

Start taking responsibility 

This one is equally difficult and exhausting but it helps to grow as a person. Focussing on our career and life is something we dedicate our lives to. What we miss is taking responsibility towards our family and home even if we’re a bachelor. It lessens the burden of those around and in the process we’d learn a lot more ways of dealing with life.


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