Life from the eyes of a shy person

Isn’t life hard as it is and to make it much worse, imagine being stuck with a person who dreads new company or pretty much anything that would require them to put themselves out there in public view. Now picture the horror when you realise that the person is none other than yourself! 
So you might get this if you’re shy, introvert, socially awkward or not very social. Or like me, all of the above😂

  • Presentation scare – one of the nightmares we face has to be the daunting task of presentations. It might be kickass, but come the part where we have to interact with bosses, teachers or clients and our confidence decides to hide under a big, too big a rock. 
  • Interactions – we flinch inwardly if we run into acquaintances, relatives, friendly co-passengers or situations which would require us to take our head out of our tortoise shell and speak about stuff. And don’t even get me started on how bad it gets with them being intrusive about your life. 
  • Gatherings – parties, gatherings or occasions where you have to look decent and people get to have a good look at you and even interact! Nah I think I’m cool in my jammies and a tee (that your mum wants to throw away cuz it’s ugly but to you it’s softer than silk!) eating, reading, watching, writing and the like.
  • First day and new company – I have always hated and get terrible cold feet whenever it’s the first day of a new place; schools, college, office, you name it and I’m already making faces! Similarly new company, oh no, no, no! 
  • Weirdness – from being socially selective to seeming pretty interactive, we have our share of weirdness other than the obvious. Earlier I was too shy but now I’m conversational if the situation demands that of me. But otherwise I tend to be socially selective. 
  • Who said you’re shy? Yep! That’s what we get from our friends once we find our people and unleash our inner too damn talkative self! I think it’s common among most introverts and people in general.

    So that’s it for now! I’ll be back with more thanks to our too cool self *wink wink*


    12 thoughts on “Life from the eyes of a shy person

    1. I do call myself an introvert. But at times I myself get confused about my personality. πŸ˜‰
      In above points too, I can relate mostly to the social gatherings. I am the weirdest over there, I believe. :p
      One thing I am sure about is I am not an extrovert. πŸ˜€
      So God knows what I really am.

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