Things I don’t get about people

By Vageesha Mishra

Before you begin with this, I would just like to add that it does not hold true for every person on this planet, just some. Their number is vastly growing though!
You may feel like they sound familiar because human tendency transcends boundaries!

Let’s begin!

*When they act like they’re working too hard and all they do is like pick a pen and share that with everyone they’ve known. It’s horrible because many bosses actually fall for this trap.
*When they say they’re above politics but that’s what they’ve been doing all the time.

* When they think too much of themselves and too little of others.

*People who listen to half baked stories and form perception based on just them without taking any pains to listen to other side of it. Perhaps they are the same kind who flunked in school for only reading a question half!

*When they show off. I have seen people who blatantly brag about themselves even to strangers. I own this, I know that, I cook fab, I dine with the queen, I walk on fire, I build galaxies.. seriously, no one cares.

Last one and my favourite..

*When they are mean to you and the moment you give them a taste of their own medicine, they’re like,”you’ve changed!”


I can think of a ton more but I wanted to keep this precise. So is there anything you don’t get about people?

31 thoughts on “Things I don’t get about people

      1. True, they annoy a lot. So best way is to always look at it from a third person’s perspective, and one would burst laughing at one’s silliness and hangover๐Ÿ˜† Frankly it really worked for me, you should try the same ๐Ÿ˜Š

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