Moving on

Lauren sighed flipping the page of her book. It was almost 6 and the bus that has been taking her home from work for the past 2 years was nowhere to be seen. She overheard it was running late, something that seldom happened.
       It was futile to force her mind into reading when it kept going back to searching its surroundings in hopes of finding the same pair of those insightful eyes.
He will be alright, she told herself.
      Every single day, he sat himself at one end of the old bench, gazing into the abyss. In the bus he would hardly be seated lest it would deprive those who need it more than him a seat.
      Lauren wasn’t fond of conversing with people on the stop but he always seemed to catch her attention. That is why when the wise old man seemed unsettled yesterday, she couldn’t help herself and went to talk to him.
     The man hesitant at first poured out his heart making her genuinely worried for his well being. And today he was not there.
What if something happened to him?
    Snapping her out her daze, a young man in uniform walked up to her flashing a smile. Samuel sent you this, he said handing her a letter. He left soon after slipping the plain envelope in her hand.
Flicking the tip, she took out the letter and started reading.
Dear Lauren,
Hard times teach you a lot and to me it certainly did the same. I had been shunning life for several years for I lived in guilt and blamed myself even though it wasn’t my fault. Few of my well wishers tried to help me by being compassionate but only after venting out to you I felt something I hadn’t felt in long. For the first time, I wanted to forgive myself and seek closure. Life works in unique ways, who knew it would take unbiased views of a complete stranger to find peace. I’m heading home, thanks to you. Bless you, child.
Best wishes with my heart. Do visit us when in Philadelphia.
By – twinklingwords
Picture – Pixabay


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