Etiquette losing charm


“I was leaning against one of the poles in metro on my way home when something yanked a strand of my hair. Flinching, I snapped my head to inspect but soon realized it was another commuter who had decided to stand against the same pole as mine and had swirled her arm just above my head. Feeling uneasy and awkward by her position, I moved to another place. The moment I left, she settled comfortably around the pole as though it was her second home.

Some months later, it happened again and after hearing stories of similar encounters by several women, it became obvious that the behavior was transitioning into a practice.”


“The other day I was at a mall looking for winter wear, when a chic woman walked past me to look through a row of neatly stacked clothes. Carelessly, she pulled a sweater, causing others to shift from their place. Not finding it to her taste, she moved to another and to the next. Each time she scrunched them back to their place. She soon left for another row, leaving behind a mess that earned her an exasperated look by the attendant standing nearby but she couldn’t care less.”


“Yeah we are planning to buy another car, my father got bored of the current one. We are also planning another trip abroad soon,” she chirped to us. A group of three, we were dining at a restaurant, relishing a sumptuous Italian meal. Once we were done, it was time for us to shell out for the food. We were going through the bill working out on our splitting plan, when she said, “Umm hey I’m not carrying any cash, you guys go ahead, I’ll pay later.”

The other girl and I exchanged looks as it was not for the first time, miss ‘Oh I’m so rich’ had opted out of payments. But nonetheless, we paid. Unfazed, she continued to chat her way out of the eatery and even added, “I’m bored, let’s go to mall, will buy something.”


If you are a polite person, who tries to avoid being rude to people lest you end up hurting them, the first thing it takes away is your peace of mind.

“Hey! How are you?”

“Hey, you there?”

“Come online!”

“Hey! Where are you? Reply,” I sighed at the series of texts. It had been a long day and I was exhausted beyond words as I was part of a severely hectic work regime.

“Just got home. Will have food,” I wrote.

“Oh, will talk after dinner. Why haven’t you been checking your texts? I even called you,” he replied within seconds.

“I was at office, was busy as usual.”

“Yes, yes. Well eat fast, will talk.”

This was coming from a person who called me every week and dropped messages like,” So you’re online, why haven’t you replied. Did I do something?” when I was merely going through my texts and was yet to reach his.

It might come as a surprise but he was not even a close friend of mine and it would be a triumph in itself if he could correctly answer even the most trivial questions like my favorite movie or food. But the listener in me had always tried to lend an ear to him as much as I could.

It was obvious that I knew much about him but he hardly tried to learn about me. Our conversations had mostly revolved around him ranting about his life.

Despite everything, my heart wasn’t allowing me to take a strict stance but it was inevitable with his crazy stalker texts getting out of hand. We stopped talking but since I had a similar experience with some other people too, it left me in a distaste.


These are just some incidents from my life citing the absolute lack of etiquette among many. It can be argued that the issue at hand is not much to fuss over as one can deal with them by drawing people’s attention towards their ill behavior.

Life is hard as it is and it is especially terrifying to those who take the classy route and are not fond of constant confrontations, however minor they are in nature. Everyone is struggling with things, the least we could do is not unlearn the traits that made us human, don’t you agree?



16 thoughts on “Etiquette losing charm

  1. Some stories are spot on for me as I have experienced it myself a long time ago. Yes, it is hard to be rude to people when you grow up to be polite but sometimes it’s best to avoid these type of people to prevent stress. 😉

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  2. Sad that this is getting worst and worst everyday that I get frustrated to the point that I correct complete strangers and people I know… Its not hard to have common curtusy no matter who you are or where you come from…. Great post!

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