Can you guess my addiction?


As my head throbbed with the need to send a soothing blow to whatever was consuming its peace, I sighed, “My mind is clearly longing the lingering taste of its addiction.”

It had been a long day and as much as I cared for a respite, I deferred with the plans of giving in as I was occupied with something that did not leave me much choice but to quietly ponder over the ways in which its waves and tune would beat the disappointment away from my head.

Times have changed. In the age of rising competitiveness, we are required to be on our toes at all times. There are so many things we want to do but there is a shortage of time and energy, leading us to be often stressed.

As I dwelled upon this, I realised I could squeeze in some time for a quick trip to my little wonderland and its eventual calming effect. Looking through my bag, I wondered,”Umm where are those white strings? I hope they haven’t gotten themselves tangled.”

“Ahha! There they are!” They seemed to glow with anticipation too. I delicately lifted the black device and inserted the string at one of its ends. It joined forces with the dark object with a sharp click.

“There you go,” I whispered as I tenderly eased their way into my ears and headed out for air. I sighed again as the melody exploded my hearing and thinking, giving me a sudden tranquility, I was yearning for all day.

As Poets of the Fall took over the wagon of my thoughts, I found myself travelling to a better place. My heart raced with excitement and happiness as I imagined myself living a life I had been dreaming of. My senses tingled with bliss.

And then it hit me hard like falling on the floor from the grasp of soothing set of hands, flat on one’s face. “This isn’t real.” The realization left me sad.

But by this time the rhythm had washed its magic over my nerves as the stress seemed to be retreating. Soon enough my mind gained back its composure as it filled me with a positivity that strengthened my will and faith. I got back inside rejuvenated.



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