Summer love



Sky blazes with scorn,

Searing rays sting like burn.

Scorching heat leaves parched trees,

Creatures tremble with hot breeze.


Sun baked houses glow with light,

Carving shadows with all their might.

Humans wish heat to cease,

Longing rain to bring ease.


Their cries don’t go in vain,

As fresh clouds rush to end their pain.

Merciful Mother Nature, the epitome of compassion,

Bestows upon her children, her motherly affection.

Soon comes summer’s first shower to wash away its deeds,

Blessing humanity with their needs.


Nature’s love doesn’t get lost on lovers,

In whose mind nostalgia hovers.

Summer love rises within their hearts.

Making dozens rediscover love with their counterparts!


(Have taken the image from here – )



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