Types of Friends


By twinklingwords/Vageesha Mishra


Friendship is essential for a blissful and content living. However, it has its pros and cons that might leave one either happy or hurt. So be wise folks and ascertain the type of friend one regards you as and be wary of the kind that intends to harm you. Take a look!

Phase friends

We come across them at different stages of our career – school, college, employment and the like. Things click easily here and for certain years they remain such fast friends that life starts to revolve around them. These are the people with whom one makes the promise of never losing touch. However, things are not always that rosy. A good number of friends made during phases severe ties with you when a seemingly better company comes their way. Other times, the friendship ends with the phase itself as people venture into another stage of life. While in most cases it seems like a natural course of action, it is disheartening however when pals trifle with your feelings and make no attempts in keeping a deep friendship thriving.

The ‘friend’

Other than your family, they are the ones who make life worth living and even the of thought being without them leaves one dizzy. Unlike phase friends, their friendship is genuine that doesn’t fall apart with time despite hardships and challenges that it brings with itself. Their number is small which works to its advantage. Having a small group ensures ease in keeping the ties strong without any significant changes in closeness and commitment towards one another.


Elder or younger, siblings are the first of the friends we make. They stand with you through thick and thin, not letting anyone laying as much as a finger on you. There is an ease and comfort in their company. The same background, mutual hatred, love and admiration for someone come handy towards a fulfilling lasting friendship with siblings! Over the years, siblings realise they love each other with their life and would do anything to keep their family happy.

‘Chat and chill’ friends

These are people with whom one hangs out and has a good time. A lot of chatting also takes place without spilling the beans. Parties involved aren’t much interested in strengthening the bonds and are more than happy to keep things casual. Sometimes, only conversations are involved or other times it’s only about having fun.

Similar taste friend

They are the ones who at times come to your rescue when you desperately need to discuss that unforgivable twist in a book/series, you are currently occupied with. In fact that was the basis of your friendship in the first place – having a similar taste. It’s a different thing it grew into a cherished friendship over the years.


They are big time troublemakers causing one to feel too naïve. These people know no bounds when it comes to being selfish, annoying, plotting, mean and those kind of things. Their true self stays concealed thanks to their cunningness and becomes apparent when it’s too late. But if anything, they are a life lesson in disguise.

P.S. – I haven’t taken this picture as I happen to be one of the subjects in it!



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