An act of kindness


It was an evening of November in a small hilly town. I was commuting with some friends in a local bus that had fairly cheap fare. It wasn’t considered an ideal ride by many as it drew people from all sections of society including the unruly. Though, it usually was a safe ride, I sometimes used to check for my wallet after getting down from these buses, just in case.

Too engrossed in chatting, none of us noticed when the ticket collector arrived for us to get our tickets. Everyone reached for their wallets including me and my heart skipped a beat as I failed to find it in the usual pocket of my bag. I checked all the pockets frantically and even bent down to look beneath our seats. No sign of wallet. My friends paid for my ticket. I thought about the places we had visited that day. It took a while before it became obvious I had dropped my wallet in the previous bus we were on.

After asking driver’s opinion, the chances of finding my wallet became from slim to none.

Distraught, I walked back to my hostel from the bus stop cursing myself for it had some pretty important cards. Skipping dinner, I informed my parents about the incident over the phone. Thereafter I went to bed to pass a sleepless night. Soon it was morning. And while, everyone had given up on the hope of finding it, I was secretly hoping for a miracle. As if on cue, my phone rang. It was my sister, who said, “A man had found your wallet last night. He used the information on your identity card to reach us.”

She had given me his contact number. I called him and it was decided that he would give my wallet outside my college at a certain time.

Giddy, I rushed to get ready for college. This act of kindness kept floating around my head during classes. Finally, he reached my college. I requested to be excused from the class. I hurried down the steps and found him sitting in an old car.

He rolled down the window glass and greeted me with a beaming smile. I reciprocated and before I could ask, he handed me down my wallet, saying, “Everything is safe inside including the money. I have a daughter too, so I realized how unnerving it would have been to lose money and all those cards. I was anxious to return it to you without any delay.”

My heart warmed at his words. No amount of gratitude could have repaid his kindness, yet I thanked him over and over again. He dismissed them as if his act was an ordinary one. He was in a hurry so left soon afterwards, leaving me with my pool of thoughts at the miracle I had just witnessed!

These acts of kindness keep humanity alive when so many are trying to wipe it off the face of earth. They should be encouraged in earnest for even the tiniest of its kind have mighty consequences.

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8 thoughts on “An act of kindness

    1. I’m glad it gave you a positive vibe at the start of the day. Yes, I so happy that I didn’t know what to do and even now I’m struggling severally to express it.
      That man was definitely one in million. I seriously wish him and his family all the happiness and joy for life.
      Yes, Jeni, I keep it safe, check it for like ten times, that and my phone.

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  1. These small acts, they really can bring a smile over anyone’s face. I myself was trying to recollect some of them. You just need to be good to people around, and Universe will light back the same energies for you.

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    1. Yes, Aedit, you’re so right about it, they bring smile, save the day and help the other person in any way possible leaving a lasting impact on both parties. The last line was so nice❤


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